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Rental of 3SG Studio requires the renter to leave the facility in the same condition as when they began, clean and organized. In the event that the facility is not returned to its original state, the renter will be subject to a $45.00 cleaning fee. In the event that any equipment, fixtures, furniture, etc. are abused, broken or stolen during the rental of the studio, the renter shall be liable for the replacement or repair of such items within 72 hours of scheduled rental.


Absolutely no drugs shall be permitted at 3SG Studio.


No more than 10 people are allowed in the studio at a time. If more people are needed then arraignments must be made prior to the shoot and there is a non refundable $25 cleaning fee.

If the studio or any equipment is damaged from irresponsible or reckless behavior you will be responsible for repair/replacement costs.


Banned items include: glitter, smoke bombs, hay, charcoal powder. 

Your time starts when you reserved, not when you arrive. If you arrive late then that comes out of your studio time. 

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Thank you, from the staff at

3SG Studio

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