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Studio Membership Info

Want to use the studio on a consistent monthly basis? 3SG Studio offers memberships to photographers, videographers, or models to rent time blocks to fulfill their studio needs. Rates as low as $45 per hour for annual members. Get 10 hours a month and use as little as 1 hour per shoot. This is a state of the art production facility and offers the following benefits to our members.

  • One 12’x12’x10’ white cyclorama wall.​

  • Seamless papers on wall mounted holders

  • Pocket Wizard System (7 triggers)

  • 2 Foldable Strip Box(12" x 52")

  • 7 Alien Bee 800 Strobes

  • 10 Light Stands

  • 2 Baby Boomer offset arm

  • 1 Foldable Softbox (36" x 48")

  • 1 Foldable 48" Octobox

  • 2 Foldable 24" x 24" Softboxes

  • 1 48" silver/white umbrella

  • 1 24" Beauty dish

  • 2 Barndoors with color gels

  • 1 Snoot

  • 1 Reflector holder w/reflector

  • 10' x 16' Green Screen Muslin

  • Over 18 unique backdrops

  • Tons of furniture and props to use

  • A rack of clothing, shoes and props for models to use (members only perk, view here)

  • Free, safe parking outside the studio, easy access and large doors for fast simple loading
    Minutes off I-8 and Highway 67 freeways.
    Half mile to Parkway Plaza Mall.

  • Large 2000 sq foot studio with 14 ft ceilings and roller door for motorcycle or other equipment and prop entry.

  • Off-street loading and unloading

  • Make-up and changing area.

  • Wireless hi-speed internet

  1. 3SG Studio Membership
    See Terms of Membership below.
    We'd love to have you as a member of the 3SG Studio Membership Club.  Here are the full terms of the membership offer: We process applications for 3SG Studio membership in studio or over the phone. At the time of your application, you will be asked to provide a credit card. You will also be asked to select monthly billing, semi-annual or annual billing. Your card will be charged for that amount upon processing and your membership will become active immediately. 

  2. Dues are $330 per month (avg. $33 per hour), $1980 for six months, or $3600 annual membership fee per year (avg. $30 per hour). With that you will have access to 10 hours of studio time per month.

  3. Studio Rental - We will use a reservation system for photo studio rentals.

  4. Automatic monthly payments are charged to a credit card.

  5. Membership requires a minimum six month commitment.

  6. $200 cancellation fee or balance, whichever is less for early termination. If you have utilized any member services before requesting a refund, an amount equal to the non-member price for those services will be deducted from your refund.

  7. Contract may be terminated if you lose employment or are transferred out of area.

  8. Members are responsible for damage and breakage while using studio.

  9. Termination of membership requires thirty (30) day's notice.

  10. Members are responsible for following all reasonable rules and regulations.

  11. The use of marijuana or illegal drugs is not permitted in the studio.

  12. Alcohol laws of CA must be followed and NOT supplied by the photographer.

  13. Same Day Reservations accepted, space permitting but no walk-ins.

  14. Photo shoot cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance or the renter will forfeit those hours from their 10 allotment.

  15. Please clean up after yourself and hang up all wardrobe you have worn.

  16. Please do not enter the studio area prior to the start of your rental time without prior permission. Others may be using the studio and we want to respect their privacy.

  17. Billing time starts at the time booked if you start late, not time of arrival.

  18. Billing time ends when you have removed the last of your packed equipment from the studio.

Special Rules for Photo Studio Club Members
  • The studios are available to club members at any time, 9am to 8pm.

  • 3SG Studio Membership Club members can book as little as 1 hour sessions and up to 10 hour sessions. Club members are not held to the 3 hour minimum rule.

  • All Club use is subject to availability.

  • If club members have a group, larger than eight (10) people, when using 3SG Studio, please make prior arrangements. There is an automatic $25 cleaning fee charged for groups over 10 people.

  • There is still a $10 fee for each paper usage.

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